HECSALV is software designed for Ship design and salvage engineering response
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HECSALV is software designed for Ship design and salvage engineering response. In the ship design field, HECSALV is used by Naval Architects and ship design team to:
- Design and evaluate various hull forms
- Create detailed 3D vessel model with all the spaces
- Conduct initial sizing and parametric studies
- Layout general arrangement and optimize cargo spaces
- Develop load cases review resulting intact and damaged stability
- Design optimum structural cross sections
- Develop allowable bending moments and shear force envelopes
- Produce Trim and Stability booklets
- Create Ballast water management plans>
- Create Ullage and Sounding tables
- Develop required GM curves in light of various regulatory criteria

HECSALV assists salvage engineers in the salvage of free-floating and stranded ships by providing initial engineering estimates for planning and mobilizing a salvage mission and by providing in-depth engineering assessments during a salvage operation.

Main Features:

- Intact and free-floating damage stability
- Multiple grounding types (pinnacles, shelves)
- Stress analysis (with damaged or corroded structure)
- Tide cycle analysis
- Lightering plans
- Oil outflow analysis
- Macro language for custom calculations

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